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Gravity // Gutslut Press

Kinetic, undressed skin. 

          My hand           

gliding across your naked spine.

      In the right light,

all shivering boys look electric.    


If I time it just right,

            the space will align perfectly,       

and I’ll reach between each atom

      in your chest,

            blending our flesh together.


I will undo everything

      – I swear –

until you sing yourself 

     to life.       


I will meet many men after you, 

            each one hollow and lifeless        

beneath their undressed flesh,

        and repeat         

the same desperate ritual

            with them all.     



EJAY. // self-published

Whatever the hell it all means – here. Here is what Utopia is:
The Everything.
Love as a form of queerness,
queerness as a spiritual
and political construct.
An untellable mystical truth.
A dissection,
a manifesto,
a bible,
a meditation,
a prayer,
a paradox,
an intuition.
A knowing of the unknowable,
a pseudo-intellectual abstraction.
Most importantly, Ejay, a love letter.
I love you, Ejay. I love you and you are

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